Aug 21


queer authors: make all your characters queer. every single one of them. leave no room for alternate cishet interpretations. make straight people uncomfortable. let them cry about how unrealistic it is that no one is cishet. bottle their tears and pour them over your morning pancakes. savor the taste of their discomfort.

Aug 21


yes friends let us blaze the marijuana! four hundred and twenty haha

Aug 21


Dear fat girls wearing crop tops: please. Continue. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. You’re so fucking cute!!! You look absolutely fabulous, if I might add, and your self worth isn’t determined on how men see you.

Aug 21


good news today: Simpsons co-inventor Sam Simon bought in south california a whole chinchilla farm, to rescue the 425 animals. He paid $ 50,000! 
The san diego Humane Society also received a $100,000 donation from Simon to care for the furry animals, which will be offered to new homes at a cost of $25 each.

Aug 21
Aug 21


"Without people, you’re nothing"

Happy 62nd birthday Joe Strummer, the man who made me the person that I am today. I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be without him.

August 21st 1952 - December 22nd 2002

Aug 21


P*ssy not suppose to taste sweet!!!! It supposed to taste like p*ssy!!! U want something sweet go eat a gotdamn cupcake!!!!

Aug 21
Aug 21










3 people stealing the same bike [video]


entirely fed up with this world 


Racism right here.

White people steal, and it’s BRUSHED OFF AND OTHER PEOPLE HELP

Black person? MOB of people come to attack him.

*lies down*

but it’s all in our heads though

This shit is infuriating

They helped the white girl steal it. Not just let her steal it, but HELPED her steal it.

Systemic racism, and anti-black attitudes in the white community don’t exist though.

Aug 21
Aug 21


my cat wont play football do you think he is gay

Aug 21


this fucking mentality that you can’t be best friends with your significant other, that romance ruins a friendship, that BOTH FRIENDSHIP AND ROMANCE CANNOT OCCUR SIMULTANEOUSLY kills me like

that’s such a horrible, horrible and unhealthy mentality to have

Aug 21







When will they learn

This shit ain’t funny at all. I don’t know why these white dudes think it’s okay to walk up to people, blatantly insult them, then think nothing should happen. Then people look at the Black folks in the vids like THEY’RE wrong.

I don’t see how this is a prank…if getting punched is a prank then Manny pacquiao is the funniest man on the planet

surely a prank is supposed to make everyone laugh when it’s over. even the victim? regardless of what these twats are labelling it as, these poor lads still go home having experienced yet another racist verbal attack on them when they were just innocently living their lives.

fuckin dickwads.

do we REALLY expect anything less idiotic from something called BROPRANKSTV though

You can flag their channel here: (you have to be logged in to YouTube.)

The little flag in the bottom left. Flag them for “hate speech against a protected group” and unfortunately not also “Just being a complete asshole.”

Also, please don’t watch any of their videos…that will just get them more views and revenue.

Aug 21

Wave Rock is a 46-foot-tall natural rock formation in Australia that is shaped like an ocean wave. Source


Wave Rock is a 46-foot-tall natural rock formation in Australia that is shaped like an ocean wave. Source

Aug 21
  • Baby: M-m-m
  • Mom: Marxism will prevail?
  • Baby: M-mommy
  • Mom: You are a bourgeois sympathist baby and if you had been educated you would need reeducation. Instead, I will raise you as a communist